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3:16TheMusical! One of a Kind, Here’s Why:

316TheMusical© by youth organization 'The Joshua Warriors'

As the cast gets ready to perform on the 30th and 31st of March, MADForChrist looks at the product from a different angle!

“3:16TheMusical” that is the title of the musical which will be held on March 30th and 31st, 2017 in CCS. The whole course of the bible told in an abbreviated version, directed by the Holy Spirit! Here is Youth Pastor Milton Veldkamp, the scriptwriter and driving force behind 3:16 with everything you need to know.

In this musical Milton Veldkamp is bringing people back to the old days, to the spiritual world and the time when Adam and Eve were there and the first sin came and then back to the time of now. Milton said: “The spiritual world is more real than what we can see and feel. It first happened there before it gets manifested. To make it easy to explain, a building was first a thought and the thought was first in the invisible world. It occurred to someone. No one else saw it only the person and the person has given it shape and that is what we see now. We explain what happened first in the spiritual world and what we can experience now.”


“So, its simply the word of God, or rather God, that we want to make visible through this play. The love He has shown and given, because look: “men are looking for love, however you look at it. Women are looking for love, they go from relationship to relationship and still be disappointed and always seeking attention. Men are looking for respect, for a bit of certainty, but what the bottom line really is is that both of them, in both sexes, are looking for love.” And you know what the best part is; The bible says that God is love so without sometimes knowing men are seeking God, who is love. Hence, 3:16TheMusical, which we are bringing visually.” he added. There will be singing and talking so you will be able to hear the message but other than that it will be the experience and the feeling that will touch you. All five senses will be involved.

“We also bring a part of the life of Jesus, the things he did on earth. We get different people who also have their say, because often we easily prejudice. People are often discussed or negatively exposed. We’re also going to hear what their motives were. One of the characters that we also have is Judas Escariot. We all know that when someone is called Judas Escariot that person is a traitor. We’ll see what his motive was and why he actually sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. On the other hand, we also have the ringleader Peter. He will tell us why he ran away and betrayed Jesus three times. In the end we come to the climax of the battle …….. and as always it is wonderful to see .. That is the most exciting part for me!”

The Idea
On the question “Whence the idea 316?” he added the following: “As regards the title… The title came up about three months ago… I was looking a long time for the right title for this play. Actually I browsed a bit through the bible and have a lot of texts highlighted of course and one of the very well highlighted ones is John 3:16. I took a closer look at it again, because sometimes we know what is there and memorize it and go so fast over it. But that day I was a bit still and what equates came to mind was the following… God brought me back to genesis, the first book in the bible where the first sin was committed, the disobedience of Adam and eve. There we can see that God already had a backup plan. I read a few sections and basically what struck me was that through the whole Bible, from genesis to revelations, how different it is written, this part is the one that actually speaks…. And actually that’s why it came up, I said to myself: “this must be it!”. I think that God spoke directly through the text to me that day.”

“We would already have done this three years ago but last year I rewrote it. There were many other activities and another thing was that we were suffering from lack of time. There already were people who had signed up but we had let it lie for over two years until we picked it up again last year. We made a plan to go for it and than worked very hard. So the script was already written a long time ago but rewrote it at the end of 2016.”

“It was an idea of 5 years ago”. I remember that at that time, I wrote this script and told this idea to our “tante Fransje” who is now 101 years old. She saw the script and said that she wanted to help because it is also her thing. She applied some pieces and we made it to one whole and then performed a piece, but the red line through it is still John 3:16. One other inspiration that I’ve had was the piece of Carmen where he plays the part of “The Champion”. We’re going to see it again but this time a bit differently shaped. So I rewrote the script and it became what it is now.”

The purpose
He said that the purpose of 3:16 is simple, to visually bring that message to humans. But the great thing about this piece is that you will not only see what is written or will only see what has been said but you’re going to be able to experience it too! “Yes! the visitors are going to feel well! In fact, they are being included. The feeling is there, the sound is there, the lights are, the actors are there, the word of God is there but above all, God the Holy Spirit is there and they will be able to also experience that love, at least part of the love that God has poured out on that one day when he had to turn his back on his own son. So, the goal is to bring the viewer, the visitor, along to feel it because there are emotions in it! Their emotions will be addressed. So the ultimate goal is to know what God is saying to us and what He wants to say to us all the time.”

The participants
If we look at the cast, the actors and actresses, we will see both young and old or a little older the pastor said. There are children, teenagers, young people, (the largest group), there are middle-aged people and of course the slightly older. Furthermore, we also have a whole team, logistics team, which deals with the organizational, logistical and who is also a mix of different age groups, hard workers who are working constantly VAT. The actors committed during the exercises they do, they go for it and they are naturally full of them. So, we have a cast / group / total group / work group and performers of about 50 people, 50 men.

The exercises officially began three months ago. So, early January they started hard and tight with the exercise. It has been two times a week and for some groups, such as the dance, they had to incorporated additional days. “Of course we see the results of those extra sacrifices that have been brought.” Milton added.

Favorite Episodes
Really, all episodes appeal to me, but the last one the most. We actually don’t realize how bloody and intense it was, someone knowing in advance what awaits him and the pain he must collect, and knows how it feels and still go for it. Let me put it this way: “For example, I am not a fan of the dentist. I don’t really like to go to the dentist, for me it’s not always a pleasant thing unless I go for a check up or when it comes to filling holes and so on. But knowing that there is a tooth to be pulled out, I’m not happy and I also know that if I don’t go, the jab will be more painful so I go for it.


I believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God knew what awaited for Him, that’s why He prayed so intensely that his sweat changed into blood. According to the medical world, when that happens, there is a high degree of stress present making your blood vessels break and oozing. He was so intense because there was an intense struggle. He knew that He didn’t have to do it, but on the other hand, he knew that it was that necessary and therefore he prayed. He said Father, if it is possible, let this cup, this punishment, that what awaits me pass…but not My will but Your will be done. He could’ve refused and walked away, but He knew that if so men would always be doomed to go to hell, under the rule of Satan, the adversary of God and men. And for that reason He forgot His personal issue, His fears and pain and He looked at the humanity and beyond the temporary pain and the eternity and therefore you and I are saved today. You can be saved only when you accept this price that God has paid for us.

3:16 That Evening
“It touches me everytime I look at it, I even get enthousiastic. I have seen it many many times I have seen it many many times and each time again it is something fresh, something new.” Milton told MADForChrist.
So, what can you expect?! A true spectacle!
What can you expect?! Action, drama!
What can you expect?! Young talent, old talent, raw talent to be merged!
What can you expect?! The love of God!
What can you expect?! Rescue!!!

The date is Thursday, March 30th and Friday March 31st. Thursday is the premiere of 3: 16TheMusical and Friday, March 31, the repetition. The price of a ticket is SRD65 -, the entry is from 18:30 until 19:15 and then the doors close!! because of the logistics part of the musical. because the goods are not only play on stage, but also play in the hall and it is difficult if you come late you are actually the actors walking in the road. Hence we have made an entry from 18:30 until 19:15. If I were you I’d be early so you can get a good spot. In fact, all places are good, because you have a good overview. And the show starts exactly, please note the stroke of 19:30, seven thirty in the evening. Half past seven in the evening the show starts exactly and you may therefore from then expect a great musical.

The question was put to him if he wanted to added something. “Of course, what I want to added is: Do not put it off! ’cause depleted is depleted and full is full. I know many people wait till the last minute but the tickets go very fast. One more thing I want to say is that you shouldn’t miss this. This is for the first time at such a level, for the first time it is being set in the setting it will be set in. I have never seen it somewhere else before, of course I’ve seen great scripts and musicals but this one is very different and unique. So why would you wanna miss it, when you can see this live, in Suriname, in CCS on the Henck Arronstreet on March 30th en 31st 2017”?

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