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Bijciel Watsaam’s New Song ‘Gadu Ana’ Helps Us to Realize Something: Listen

Bijciel Watsaam is hopeful about the future. With the release of his new track “Gadu ANA” which literally means GOD’S HAND he helps us to realize that when your life is in God’s hands, there is no reason to fear. “The inspiration comes from my personal life. As a human being you come to the point where you’re worried about the future, but the realization that your life is in God’s hand, does all the fear away.” Bijciel tells MADForChrist in an interview.

Gadu ANA

“Gadu ANA” which was officially launched on October 24, 2016, five months after Bijciel’s collaboration with Emanuel regarding “I Mooi”, is part of his album which is supposed to be released in April 2017. This song Bijciel wrote between 2014 and 2015. “I have the details worked out by the times in which we have completed within two weeks in the studio.” he continues. The producer is Clayton Rantwijk from Juel Music.

“I would also like to thank the people who have assisted. Rogier Wiratma on the guitar, Carol Redmond on Bass Guitar, Rifaldo Huur who made the Bass Vocals.”

Bijciel is now working on the last songs of his upcoming album. In Januari 2017 he wants to release his next single.

Listen to Gadu ANA below.