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Clian Grames Talks About Latest Song Titled “Jehova You Reign”

© by Clian Grames

MADForChrist caught up with the 24 year old Surinamese worshiper, songwriter, husband and visionaire of “Reach Out to The Nations” Clian Grames for a wide-ranging chat on his latest single titled “Jehova You Reign”.

Born to a Christian family, Clian made the conscious choice to serve Christ when he turned 14. When he was 4 years he started with music at the Academy of Music where he has done vocal vocalisation.

“Since my 15th I write music, but my first song I released on my 22th. Before that, I sang my own songs in church, at concerts where I was being asked who the composer of the song was and after being told that I am, I was always motivated to record a song,” Clian said to MADForChrist. “Timing was for me always important and it was in God His time. It has been nine years now that I’m in the praise and worship ministry but now I step into the mission and purpose of God on my life,” he stated.

Reach Out
Reach Out
, a Surinamese group of worshipers from various municipalities with the aim to serve the people as Jesus did, goes to the people and preaches the gospel through music. Reach Out is the band within the movement Reach Out to be Nations which was established on May 1, 2014. The group has now released two singles titled: “Jehovah You Reign” and “He’s all that.” The band is currently composed of 14 members. The styles of the band are contemporary, rock, funk, classical.

Jehovah You reign
This gospel-rock song was recorded on February 21, 2015 during a live recording of the municipality Tabernacle of Faith and Love. Clian, the composer and arranger of the song said that the inspiration was in all the wonderful works which God does in our lives. “Though we are going through difficult times, we should not forget that He is still the good God who reigns and is worthy to receive any praise,” he added. The producer is Edson Faerber and the message of this song is in Psalm 34: 1: “God is worthy to be praised at all times! because He rules over all that is. There was also a DVD recording released but I have not thought about a Music Video. ”
You can listen to the song above.

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