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Letitia Mike - I Am Accepted

When I was in convent I met this amazing young Indian fella who eventually became my boyfriend for a few years. It was a HUGE deal to me because me being Negro, I experienced some racism when I was younger that traumatised me and eventually left me with the mind-set that no one outside of my race would ever like me.

However, we broke up and I was devastated and felt rejected to the point no matter how many persons told me that I am beautiful, I honestly did not believe it because it no longer came from my ex. Because of this situation, I had no choice BUT to go to Jesus. I remember being alone in my apartment in UWI and God began to pour out His LOVE towards me every single day and I began to develop this unbreakable relationship with Jesus. He began to speak so clearly to me through His Word where He showed me how much He accepts me and how much He deeply loves me.

Now, I am SO thankful that I went through that situation because if it wasn’t for that I would not have a relationship with my sweet Jesus and know that I am fully ACCEPTED by God despite my flaws and the mistakes that I have made! Knowing that I am accepted gives me strength to do what I am called to do. Remember beloved that “When man rejects you, God accepts you” and being accepted by God in my opinion is the BEST THING EVER!