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Column: Journey Towards My Healing 3


Speeding down the highway for a new week of school, still not talking and this song comes up and I’m just in the back of the car by myself and this song was touching me deep deep! It goes like this ‘ You make all things better. Being with you makes all things better ‘ this is obviously my status for the week! so I thought…… Let me tell you  about my weekend…..

Friday while miming and mouthing words, an acquaintance became a friend, Saturday it was hard not singing in practice again but I managed and Sunday. … oh Sunday God dropped an atomic bomb in my soul. The praise and worship was out of this world and something that I actually miss from back home was done. The worship had a lot of repetition and proclamations and we just bulldozed into the atmosphere and filled it up with praise and worship and God just came down and was among us. Then the pastor preached a powerful word and during the word he says he wished he could have someone to just come up and sing ‘to God be the glory’, he continued  preaching but the pianist came on and started playing the song and just filled the room with this sweet melody. After he preached, one of the anointed singers came on and sang it..
Do you remember my first segment where I wrote about a song and it just strengthened me and filled me with up all the way to the top,  so I thought…..
Obviously there was some more room left because from the second she sang ‘How can I say thanks…’ I was in tears!! Went on my knees, sang my heart out, didn’t know what to do with myself, stood back up and started balling down the place! Just crying before the Lord, I just felt like there was being poured into me and unnecessary things had to leave. I have not cried like that in the presence of the Lord for awhile and I am telling you, it was “an out of this world” experience. I messed up almost all my makeup but could care less about that (after the song, I did run off to fix myself back up lol) Total total wow……
Oh how I thought that, that would set the tone for my week…. oh no, God had another plan with a bigger purpose.

After reaching my apartment, in the middle of the night at 2:55 AM to be exact, I became as sick as a dog. Started vomiting all over the place and it would not stop. A whole fiasco where a friend came over to take care of me. In the beginning my mother was not picking up her phone cause obviously  it is the middle of the night.
I can’t recall most of the night but from the moments I can recall I can tell you that God was there. You might be thinking  “how??? You were so sick that you can’t recall most of the night”
From the pieces that I can recall I remember my friend starting  to worship in my apartment, my mother proclaiming healing while quoting scriptures and my auntie sending me voice notes of her praying  for me. I was a spiritual battle that really took a toll on me physically. For me the worst thing about this was that during the vomiting I felt all my stomach acid just cleaving to my still recovering vocal chords… I really really cried during those hours of vomiting and afterwards just feeling the pain of that acid on my vocal chords was excruciating and at times onbearable.
Had to fully rest and recover for 2 days and prayed my way back to strength. Still weakened and in pain I went to practices to get ready  for the concert and slowly  but surely things started to come together and fall into place.

All that needed to happen now was the debut for the coming back of my voice……