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DJ Inspiration: “I Mooi” Bijciel Watsaam And Emanuel Sanvisi Will Become The Next Hit!

I MooiBijciel Watsaam and Emanuel Sanvisi will become the next hit! Mark my words.” This is what Leandro Martosoewiknjo, known as DJ Inspiration, posted on social Media. The message is real and it’s especially from this time. The track is so good that I get the impression that when a prostitute hears it she will change.

The DJ is no longer a gospel rapper. After listening to ‘speak to the nation’, he thinks even less about it because “These artists are doing much better than I ever could.” the DJ added.

I must say that I am proud of all the gospel artists because to use your talent for God is a conscious choice. Since people, especially the majority of youth, are chasing after the world, I am grateful to God that there are some young believers who are using their lives for the gospel. May God make the most of them for His glory.

My message to them is: Stay focused on Christ so your only goal to make music is to win souls. We are only human and sometimes we are unconsciously very cunning and deceitful, so we do things for our own honor in the name of God and we go to fans instead of winning souls for God. The motive for popularity and fame transcend the motive of achieving the people. The best way to prevent this is to efface yourself every day and just continue your career for Christ. We can only continue what He did if we focus on Him. After all that’s what makes you a gospel artist. Your highest price is leading souls to God. Everything else is just an acknowledgment that you’re doing well. Don’t let that distract you!

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