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Let’s Take a Deeper Look Into Arantis Forster His Latest Product Titled “Onvolmaakt”

The story of the lost son from the bible, that has initially been the inspiration behind gospel rapper Arantis Forster his latest number titled “Onvolmaakt”. The song was also inspired by the fact that we as human beings are unable to reach the point of perfection without God’s help and guidance in our lives.

Writing the lyric went fast. “The arrangement has taken some time, approximately two months before I was satisfied. The title is “Onvolmaakt” because we are not perfect as a human being. We make mistakes every day and see improvement points every time we hold the mirror of Christ. Hence the phrase “I feel so imperfect”. That’s the feeling that caught me when I reflected on the image of Christ,” Arantis said in an interview with MADForChrist.

Clayton, the producer known for the productions of Emanuel Sanvisi and many other artists, is the brain behind the arrangement. “My message is that whoever you are, no matter where you come from or what your past is, the point of being perfect can be achieved by loving God and walking with Him in everything you do”, Arantis added. The video of “Onvolmaakt” was released on March 21 and is online on Youtube. The lyrics are written by Arantis himzelf.”During the performance of the song, patience and especially being critical to myself (the right feeling) was important to a certain extent. Furthermore, I used to use my surroundings to give the lyrics an impression”, says Arantis.

The artist is working hard on his new project, a single titled “Mijlpaal”. That will be a track for all those who keep Smart working on achieving set goals. “I promised my fans enough music this year. Finally, I would like to thank the “die hard” fans, who have been waiting for my productions for their patience, support and love they have shown up to now. We are going to make a nice year of good music for building God’s kingdom…..”, Arantis added.

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