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Review: Emanuel Sanvisi’s “Speak To The Nations”

Speak To The Nations

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Emanuel Sanvisi’s album is less than a month on the market and people are already asking for new music. The gospel artist and the band “The Musical Speakers” started a tour to promote the album ”Speak To The Nations” of Emanuel Sanvisi. The first performance was at the Joshua Warriors youth meeting on April 23th. People get motivated while other their live are changed by the lyrics of Emanuel’s Songs. Let’s see what fellow artists and fans say about the album “Speak To The Nations”.

Guillermo Ormskerk

To be honest the album is nice has certainly 5 hits on it. He is a great writer. I should say to him keep it up, reach more people and let your life be an example of your faith.

Michele Jules

In the first place, the beats are nice and that’s the first thing I listen to. The songs are good content, most are a reflection of what we experience as people / how we feel.  The youth can at least learn of the contents of Emanuel his music. This CD is definitely recommended. Honestly I do not really understand the song “Royal Slave”, but maybe I should listen better. Keep up the good work I would say.

Shaquille Marcus

I’ve listened to the album and certain songs are my favorites. I think that his album vocabulary is strong! Good rhyme scheme and good voice color. Now I expect to hear songs with the same theme, but with variation of genre. I want Emanuel to show more of himself. That he proves that he can do more.

Pres Juriaantje

I’ve listened to the album “Speak To The Nations” and it’s simply top. I’m very proud of him, because in this way he shows a lot of people that life is worth much more with God in it.
I wish all the best to him and that he is continuing the good, because many people, including young people needs a push especially in the field of music.

Cynthia Boetius Draaibaar

I will very briefly share my experience with you after I’ve had the honor to listen to the Album of Emanuel Sanvisi. For you as an gospel or motivation artist, this is a good album title, because you can always fall back on the purpose for which you sing, the vision and mission that you have set to achieve with your singing talent.

Emanuel Sanvisi aims to reach humanity and tries to bring about a positive change in the world (mankind). This especially among the young people. The title “Speak To The Nations” is a very appropriate title, reaching the nation and nations is sincerely a wish of Emanuel that you can hear in his music.

I experienced the music on his album as very inspiring. For those who have given up hope, it’s very encouraging, and uplifting music. Wisdom is what I taste out of this young man his words when he sings the top songs “Ijdelheid” and “Beter” and of course the other tracks from this album.

I will underpin the songs with biblical text.
– Ijdelheid: Ecclesiastes 1: 2 and take it as a liberating message, a message of understanding and wisdom. Ecclesiastes looks around and sees nothing that will have lasting value from this earth. Indeed, “volatile”, If you listen carefully it puts you to think.
– beter: Philippians 2: 3 Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Judge as Jesus teaches us to do with the law of Love. Judgement rejects the other off. Love is next to the other and seek help from compassion and understanding.

You will see the wisdom. Why I say wisdom: Emanuel Sanvisi has his own style of how he conveys the right message to the nation. Jesus was teaching his own style and well in parables. Some similarities reads: “Let anyone with ears listen.” Jesus used the daily experiences of man. Similarities are easier for the outside world to understand than preaching. So is also the music of Emanuel Sanvisi, very simple words with a good message.

The images and stories in his music fit in with the everyday experiences of the people. They are full of very self-evident truths and wisdom, an education is only enlightening if one desires to understand her. It’s not just a matter of listening to what is being sung, but one should open in a sense for the message which is offered. With these words I would like to encourage the listeners to listen to the music and words on this album and take it as a liberating message, a message of understanding and wisdom.

Don’t forget to listen to the song “I Mooi” featuring Bijciel Watsaam.

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Ratings in depth

  • Instrumentals
  • Vocabulary
7.1 10 Good