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Review: Gafa! Surinames Best Music Video 2016

Gospel artists Asgar Koster, Eugene Main and Raff Chanco honored each other and celebrated their shared successes at their collaboration, Gafa. Award for Suriname’s “Best Music Video 2016” and three weeks number one on the No. 1 radio station in Suriname is an achievement.

“In the track we raise the name of God and it has been understood. God has used us to call people to raise His name. Gafa is about Him. Everyone loves this song, both- Christians and non Christians. I know lots of people and lots of people see me and I’ve never come across anyone who says he / she does not like the track, that makes us happy. People have responded very positively to the track,” Asgar Koster states in an interview with MADForChrist. “Gafa means raise the name of God and that’s why people love it.”

The Song
The song Gafa which is an arrangement of Asgar, is a unique product. Asgar, Eugene and Raff Chanco brought their own style on an African/house beat which makes the track like no other. Asgar: “I’m always trying to do something new with my studio. It was not the intention to write this song. I just started with the beat and the beat suddenly became something. I started to write the chorus than asked Raff Chanco and Eugene to join me and it than reached the people.”gafa_best_music_video_2016

Gafa entered the top 10 list of number one radio station in Suriname as number 7. Then suddenly the song became number 8. It went ahead and the third week it became number four and than number one. Gafa also became number one on other radio stations in Suriname including Surinames famous gospel station. The trio recieved really good comments from people. Some of them have made videos. A top dancer abroad, Rainasyirg has even posted a video on social media. That’s where you can see that the song touched people. Except that it has a nice beat, the message… that make care that it has become number one.

The Video
The music video which was recorded within four hours, is a product of Verano Dulder en Steven de Bies who also devised the script in collaboration with one of Surinames top dance group “The Myztikalz”. The dance choreography in the video is put together by Fally (myztikalz). The inspiration for the dance comes from the song. When “The Myztikalz” puts a dance act together, they first listen to the words of the song and then they try to portray. If you look at the movements of the dancers you will see that they represent the words.
GafaThe video now has 73,000 views on youtube. It's Asgar's first videoclip that has so many views in such a short time. “...By grace. God inspires us and that I never forget to say. God is the source of my creativity, the source of my gifts, so I always give Him honor. I always do!”

After the three saw that the people loved it they wanted to go international with this track but all in due time. “We are working with God's inspiration and time. Part of our goal is reached.. Actually.. we depend on God, He determines where we go."

“Let us as Christians pray for each other instead of gossiping about each other! That's my message. let us pray for one another that God protects us. It doesn't matter what happens in our lives. We as people are unable to help each other. let's pray for each and ask God for mercy that He can give to us. Everyone has something that he is going through. But I don't focus on what I'm going through. Let's focus on God! that's the best thing that we can do,” Asgar Added.

Asgar is working on new projects, very soon he'll come with a new video but for now he has other priorities.[ilenvideolock>