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This is All About Gods Grace!

He was born and raised on Geyersvlijt. No one of his fathers family was reborn in Christ. His parents sat in the Javanism with all its consequences. That portion of Geyersvlijt where he grew up, was not the most beautiful and peaceful portion. When he was on the street Marihuana smoking and alcohol consuming men were a daily picture for him. His name is Leandro Martosoewiknjo.

As a little boy Leandro tried drugs because he was curious. And yes, he ended up very early in the drug world. At the age of 13/14 years he ended up in the drug world. Because of his desire for drugs, his love for the streets grew everyday. That was soon his daily activity; hanging out with friends (on corners and soccer fields, far from his parents); where they could play their craziness. From drug use, he ended up in an alcohol and sex world.

It got worse. His mother was at a lake and literally sick of his lifestyle. He thought that she wasn’t aware of what he had been doing but he forgot that his parents were young too. They didn’t say anything to him because they had no proof just a suspicion. He only came home to bathe, eat and sleep, otherwise he was on the street doing what he does most which is smoking, drinking, making a mess and bored girls. This lifestyle he continued for over years even after his mother accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior.

There were some circumstances at home which left her no choice than to serve Christ. She soon experienced the peace and the quiet and saw how wonderful it was to serve Christ. In other words she found the solution to the many problems in her home and for her children. Because he was the biggest problem, she began to pray intensely and it helped. God’s spirit began to do its work and put him to think about himself and his life.

During the period of his 20th year he discovered that he wasn’t making any progress and that his lifestyle was the cause of that. Going out every day, smoking, drinking and having sex did provide temporary pleasure, but afterwards he felt empty and lonely again.

At a given moment he got bored of his lifestyle and wanted to change it. He discovered that he was addicted, because he couldn’t restrain nor refuse the lust. He didn’t smoke out of pleasure anymore but pure out of addiction. When things became a habit, he couldn’t get rid of them until he was led to the word of God. Each day he decided to read a text and meditated on it. Not long after his eyes were opened, he found out what gang he had taught himself. He also discovered that all this time the devil tried to fool and destroy him and he succeeded. The transition was a though battle, but God helped him. He got more love and passion for Him and his kingdom and that way his lifestyle got replaced with a new one (given by God).

Once he was changed and decided to leave his old lifestyle behind, he longed to tell the story further. He didn’t know God and wasn’t aware of a lot of things in life and he also knew that there were people out there who weren’t certain about stuff/things in their lives, he wanted to tell others so they could also be saved.

Thanks to the grace of God he is who he is today! In that period he discovered many of his talents. He began to make his own shirts and wrote his own lyrics until the lyrics became songs.
Through his songs he arrived at radio Shalom and not long after that he discovered that he had broadcast skills. Until now he works at Shalom. He got introduced to gospel songs. He strongly felt that he needed to start of as a gospel DJ, which he still does. He then made a Facebook account with the purpose to proclaim the gospel. Thus he is who he is now. Nothing he does, he learned from home, it’s all grace and miracle.

People in his life who knew him well were shocked when they heard what he had become. He is still amazed that he has released an album. In his opinion, someone who makes music comes from a good family, It should be your talent and you should be able to make music.

For Leandro music was a season. He believes that music is his passion. He is not the type of artist who quietly sits and says he is now going to write a song. It does not work with him. On the basis of a specific experience, he begins to write. Due to circumstances he becomes inspired to write about a particular topic and that it eventually becomes a song, it is as if God said Leandro I have a text for you, listen carefully and write. With him, that was not the case. He never had ambitions for music and yet he was able to release an album of which certain songs became number one hits. He called this a miracle. Hence he doesn’t feel pride. During his growth as a believer he discovered that preaching and evangelism is his calling. People would not believe him, but preaching and teaching God’s word is his greatest passion and he focuses on that.

That’s why he stopped writing and creating songs. because he did not have long to experience. If he tries it himself, it doen’t work out. So that’s why he doesn’t rap any longer. He then started focusing on his remaining talents which are broadcasting, DJ-ing and creating shirts, sermons and other projects.
He has also in mind to make movies and write books, but that will be in the future. All in due time. Rap never was his greatest passion, preaching is.


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