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Watch Definio Noordzee’s New Music Video ‘Forgiveness’ Feat. Iyanlo

After roughly zeven months of the launch of their “Forgiveness” music video, Definio Noordzee and Iyanlo Jr. premiered the unanticipated clip of Forgiveness on Monday (Oct. 31).

The pair filmed the music video in a nightclub in Los Angeles back in September, where they invited fans to be part of the production. In the clip, directed by Definio, a killer is brought in an interview room by police citizens to negotiate matters relating lives he has endangered. And they are talking to him to let the evil go before it is too late.

In the video there’s also a man under the influence of alcohol, who is trying to look at a few pictures of half-naked women. When his wife tried to stop him with the leak and drinking he hit her in the face.

At the end it is said to the killer that he is forgiven by God for everything.
MA 23:18

These actors and actress are:
Wael Joekoe, Alex, Oscar and naomi lie-sem